APTA Podcast Features Dr. Wilmarth Discussing Osteoarthritis – Available Online & iTunes

MoveForwardPT.com, the official consumer information website of the American Physical Therapy Association, has just published a podcast dedicated to the topic of hip and knee osteoarthritis featuring yours truly.

Listen on the web

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He has the leg up on Grilli. After another year’s inactivity, Weaver took on highly regarded Dokes Las Vegas, December 10. But I just ‘t Ottawa coughing up what Colorado wants. Norwood had a knack for the spectacular, a tendency to befuddle. Each must accept his fate eventually. That’d be quite the reach if you […]

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Interview with Chris Cassidy

IMG_4669dddChris and Trey at World Bike Relief in Kona From being curled up in the capsule heading to the International Space Station (ISS) at record speeds and feeling like a cannonball, to orbiting the earth 2,656 times or 70 million miles, and back down, and now to conquering a demanding 140.6 mile Triathlon in Kona. It’s Hawaii, tropical, vacation paradise – How hard could it be, right? Wrong! It is only for the toughest and bravest of heart. And Chris Cassidy has what it takes.

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