Interview with Chris Cassidy

IMG_4669dddChris and Trey at World Bike Relief in Kona From being curled up in the capsule heading to the International Space Station (ISS) at record speeds and feeling like a cannonball, to orbiting the earth 2,656 times or 70 million miles, and back down, and now to conquering a demanding 140.6 mile Triathlon in Kona. It’s Hawaii, tropical, vacation paradise – How hard could it be, right? Wrong! It is only for the toughest and bravest of heart. And Chris Cassidy has what it takes.

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Interview with Caitlin Roman


Silks2Caitlin Roman has been very busy over the past two years completing her MBA at Harvard University. However, she has another career that involves a passion for flying and this form of flying does not involve airplanes or other forms of transportation. She discovered this during a team-building event and it has been with her ever since. Who of you has not had that dream or feeling of wanting to fly through the air? But how many of you have actually followed through on this desire? You must have the physical and intellectual core to be able to do so and Caitlin has both. Caitlin has worked with different types of aerial disciplines including both the flying trapeze and silks. I had the good fortune to work with Caitlin during her journey with silks.

Let’s hear from Caitlin Roman who has a passion for flying and moving through the air with the greatest of ease.

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New Event with One-on-Won Interviewee NASA Deputy Chief Astronaut Chris Cassidy


Meet Astronaut Chris Cassidy  

Museum of Science, Boston 

Sunday, April 19  2:30 – 4:00 pm

Astronaut and Navy SEAL helps Spread Positivity


Astronaut and Navy SEAL helps Spread Positivity

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Interview with Dave McGillivray


One-on-Won Interviewee Dave McGillivray will manage the 119th Boston Marathon and then run the race tonight after everyone else has finished!

DaveM_FinishIt is January 2015 and the start of another new year, a time when everyone is thinking about goals and setting New Year’s resolutions. These most often include something along the lines of exercising more, getting back to the gym, watching what I eat, having a better diet…I think that you all likely know the drill. Well, whether you are thinking about getting off the couch and trying the Couch to 5K or contemplating going from a sprint to an intermediate, long or ultra distance triathlon this year, or hoping to be able to walk 2 miles, there are questions that come up in your mind. You also may want to look to someone who has done these things before for some advice and inspiration. I asked Dave McGillivray a few questions for my first One on Won interview of 2015 because I think that he is a great inspiration and role model of someone who has done many triathlons and marathons. Dave is also coming off a noteworthy 2014 in terms of fitness. Last year he returned to Kona, Hawaii after 25 years to race another grueling triathlon. Within the last year he overcame medical issues requiring surgery for coronary artery disease and subsequent rehabilitation up to and including a fractured rib weeks before the Ironman triathlon. It was not easy by any means, and Dave did so while juggling his busy work schedule with DMSE Sports

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