The Best Workouts and Trainers in San Diego

San Diego has a plethora of personal trainers and gyms to choose from that help you get into shape and maintain the physical fitness levels you desire. Let’s look at a few of them and what sets them apart from all the rest.

The Boxing Club Fitness Centers with Mel Menor

Mel Menor is the Vice President training director for The Boxing Club Fitness Centers.

Mel’s boxing and group boxing classes are offered at 5 different locations all over San Diego. He also specializes in the pilates training as well as yoga. Boxing Club Fitness Centers offer top of the line cardio equipment that will help you to achieve your fitness goals.

The entire environment is friendly, fun and motivating, helping you to strive for and achieve the best. Mel Menor ensures that each of his customers get customized personal training programs. San Diego residents flock to Mel Menor’s boxing classes and aren’t afraid to offer their encouragement to newbies. Fellow members who share their fitness experiences keep you motivated and eager to keep burning those calories.

Personal Trainer

On the Edge Fitness with Kettlebells.

The personal trainer Lauren Brooks has a passion for helping her clients achieve their fitness goals. She emphasizes teaching the correct exercise techniques and is featured in a line of DVD’s that offer strength training and sculpting with kettlebells.

Lauren delights in helping all fitness levels from athletes to couch potatoes who haven’t lifted anything but the remote for years. Her clients say that she is a wonderful trainer who has helped them by providing motivation in a gentle yet firm manner.

Lauren’s experience in physiology helps her create an amazing overall routine that allows her to tailor each workout for specific individuals and specific problematic body areas. She has eight years of experience working with men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Her credentials are a BS in Exercise Science, Personal Trainer certification by the American Council on Exercise, Kettle bell certified by the Russian Kettlebell Challenge levels 1 and 2 and Certified clinical nutritionist. Her specialisations are in the region of fat loss, increased strength, overall muscle toning, increased athletic performance, coordination, body conditioning, mental focus and stamina.

She can also help people to gain weight, provide a nutrition design to meet one’s objectives and increase overall flexibility. You can order her DVD’s at OnTheEdgeFitness.Com or find out how to schedule a personal workout session.

Benefit Training with Ben Santiago

Ben Santiago relies on common sense approach to personal fitness training. He is a certified personal trainer at Power House Gym in San Diego. Ben combines hands-on activities with the right dose of humor to get the required results. He helps his clients by setting realistic, smart goals. He works along with his clients to create a plan that works best for their body types.

Ben encourages his clients in three ways. First, to lose body fat, he gives them the right tools and motivation to change their lifestyle and stresses the good choices that they must make everyday. The custom plan that builds will help you to gain muscle, lose fat and tone up overall.

Second, he helps strengthen the core with the training of abs and back which is essential to keeping the body balanced and stable. The core muscles are the foundation to all body movements. The biggest benefit from core training is functional fitness. Functional fitness allows for both daily living and regular activities.

Lastly, what Ben Santiago does is allows you the proper method of lifting weights wherein you derive the benefits without the harmful effects. He helps you learn your body building techniques the right way so that you get maximum results without the hazards of injuries.

San Diego offers personal trainers that come to you via DVD, gym, or directly to your home. With all these options, there is no excuse for not working out.