Using the Herb Forskolin for Natural Weight Loss

The Indian Coleus plant is also better known as Coleus Forskolin and the weight loss benefits of forskolin are known the world over. There is a chemical substance that is found in the root extract of this plant.

This plant was first discovered in India and it belongs to the mint family. It has been traditionally used to treat a variety of disease conditions such as intestinal spasms, insomnia, convulsions, lung, and heart disease.

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In recent times, this herb has been used in a number of ways. Now, the weight loss benefits of forskolin have been widely recognized. As people are becoming more conscious of their appearances, it has become necessary to remain fit and lose the unwanted flab. So, forskolin helps in increasing the body metabolism and thereby burning calories at a much faster rate.


This is far more effective than dieting as it works in two ways. This helps stimulate lipolysis which is breakdown of the lipids which contain fat. This method is much faster than the conventional methods as it raises the CAMP production in individuals.

CAMP works to regulate glycogen, sugar, and lipids. Scientists at Penn State University College of Medicine have found that the CAMP production is severely impaired in most obese patients. Hence these patients could greatly benefit from Forskolin.

Weight loss benefits of forskolin also work by increasing the production of the thyroid hormone. When the production of thyroid hormone is stimulated, it helps in speeding up the metabolism and thereby increasing weightloss.

Apart from the weight loss benefits of forskolin, in another study it has also been found that this substance had been used to dilate blood vessels in the heart. This has helped in lowering blood pressure and preventing the formation of clots. All this helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

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This herb has been effectively used in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. This also helps asthmatics in clearing the airways and helps in the breathing process.

Forskolin is divided into daily doses of 25 to 60 mg capsules. It has been used in weight loss programs and women who have taken 250 mg capsules twice a day lost more than 10 pounds within eight weeks.